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Dance Lessons & Exams
BTDA registered dance school in Folkestone
  • Health and Safety

Studio Six is committed to preventing accidents and dance related ill health.


It is the responsibility of all Studio Six staff to ensure that students have a safe environment in which to learn to sing/dance/act. Studio Six has Public Liability insurance and all teachers/responsible adults are DBS cleared

Studio Six conducts a risk assessment on all hired space prior to use (individual hire) or annually (booked teaching spaces). Teachers are responsible for ensuring that the premises we hire are free from hazards and is in good repair. Any risks are identified and reported to owners as soon as possible.

Studio Six staff are responsible for knowing the fire evacuation protocol and are aware of the location of 1st aid equipment

Health and Safety risks arising from Dance lessons teachers’ responsibilities

Parents/guardians should be aware that practical dance lessons will inherit some form of risk. All Studio Six teachers are 1st aid trained, as well as trained in correct stance, posture, technique and in the treatment of sports injuries. Risk assessments are conducted by teachers and staff will ensure

  • Correct warm up and cool down is taught in every lesson
  • The dance space is clear from obstructions
  • The dance studio floor is clean and dry
  • Students are instructed on correct technique including placement of limbs and correct lifting procedure
  • Students are taught good spatial awareness
  • Class sizes are appropriate for age and ability with correct staff to student ratio
  • Students are encouraged to consider own safety
  • Any physical contact is kept to a minimum and only implemented when necessary to aid/teach technique or avoid accident/injury
  • Appropriate heating/ventilation in hired properties
  • Any accidents will be fully investigated

Health and Safety risks arising from Singing/Acting lessons

  • Teachers ensure that correct vocal warm ups performed
  • Students are advised on correct stance and posture
  • Students are made aware of appropriate spatial awareness

Health and Safety Parent/Guardian/Students responsibilities

  • Ensure students are dressed appropriately for dance lessons (see uniform on website)
  • Have bare feet or appropriate dance shoes – Socks are prohibited
  • Have hair tied appropriately
  • The wearing of jewellery is at own risk
  • No eating is permitted in the dance space. Students are advised to have water and are encouraged to maintain hydration during lessons
  • No chewing gum is permitted whilst dancing/singing this is a choking hazard
  • Students do no touch equipment without teachers instruction
  • Students do not attempt any movement without correct teacher instruction, failure to adhere to this puts students at risk of injury

First Aid and Reporting of accidents

  • All teachers are fully 1st aid trained and will be the 1st responder in case of accident or injury
  • Teachers will take responsibility for the administering of 1st aid and if necessary contact the emergency services or advise on further medical care
  • Teachers will ensure parents/guardians are contacted as soon as possible following accident/injury
  • Teachers ensure they know where the 1st aid box is and that the owner of premises is aware if it needs replenishment
  • Parents/guardians should ensure that any allergies/needs are communicated to the class teacher before the lesson. Inhalers should be carried at all times
  • Any accidents/injuries are accurately recorded following format below.